Take a Look …

Internet ImageKevin DeYoung, Christian Virtue in the Age of Authenticity

“In a day where people disdain hypocrisy more than any other vice and prize transparency more than any other virtue, you can be as obnoxious as you want to be, fail spectacularly, and sin repeatedly, as long as you never pretend to be any better than you really are. It makes no difference what errors you say, think, or do, if only you are true to yourself. This is life in the Age of Authenticity. “

Ed Stetzer, Community Matters: The Role of Leadership Transformational Groups

“Community plays a vital role in the health of the local church. How does the local church develop healthy, life-changing community?”

Trevin Wax, The Church Needs to the Past and the Future to Be Faithful in the Present

“An overemphasis on any one of these moments in time (past, present, or future) to the exclusion of the others may lead to a distorted Christian witness and make it more difficult for the Church to sustain itself as a viable ‘community of memory.’”

Brett McCracken, Church Unity? Four Prerequisites for Young Evangelicals

“The more you experience the diversity of church expressions in the world, the more clear it becomes that there is no perfect church. And yet we’ve become so conditioned by consumerism to expect that there is.”

Josh Squires, Five Ways to Go from Head Knowledge to Heart Application

One of the hardest things  to do in the Christian life is take what you know and practice it. 



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