Take a Look …

Binoculars ImageEvery Friday       in a perfect world       I like to have a post with random, interesting articles that I’d recommend you take a look at. So enjoy …

Not All Doctrines Are at the Same Level, Justin Taylor

Taylor gives three models that help believers differentiate between essential and non-essential doctrines.

Islamic State Threatens to Kill Christians in Syria, Morning Star News

We need to continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Syria. Step One: Don’t forget about them!

Steve Jobs, The Movie: 11 Things that Aren’t True About the Apple Co-Founder, Fast Company

8 Successful People Share How Not to Find a Mentor, Fast Company

I’m always looking for better ways to be, and find, mentors.

“No one clicked on it, no one liked it …,” Seth Godin

What a great reminder when you start obsessing over “likes” and “clicks.”

How 2015 Graduates From Theological Schools Are Faring, David Murray

“The Association of Theological Schools, the main accrediting agency for North American Seminaries, has just issued its annual report on how 2015 graduates from theological schools are doing.  Here’s a summary of the most important statistics:”

6 Ways to Embrace the Benefits of Christian Community, Millennial Evangelical

“In one of the chapters of True Worshipers, Bob writes about the importance of gathering together to worship in community as the body of Christ. However, to participate in the community of faith, you really have to embrace it, which might cost you something or force you to change.

Here are six ways you can embrace the benefits of community, according to Bob in True Worshipers (formatting edited for the blog):”



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